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24 Mar 2014
I first saw Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey at a bookstore a few months ago. After a brief flip-through, I added it to my ever-growing cookbook wish list. Finally, I bought a copy and sat down with it to give it a good study. My thoughts about this book can really be summed up in one sentence. This has to be one of the most decadent cookbooks I’ve ever read Piedmont .

For my first foray into its recipes, I chose these biscuits. Calling them biscuits just seems insulting. They are so much more than that. Actually, to me, the biscuits play a very small part in the recipe. They are surrounded by cinnamon and sugar, and topped with a sticky caramel-pecan sauce that would make dentists squirm IWB.

Quinn and I made these as a joint effort. I don’t know that I’m comfortable calling them “quick.” I suppose they are quicker than a similar recipe made with yeast. But, don’t think you’ll have these mixed up and in the oven in no time. Just think of “quick” as a relative term.

Anyway, the real story is the final result. Oh, wow, these are good. All that sugar and cinnamon and caramel and pecans! This is definitely a dish to be shared. Very rich and indulgent, these are certainly a good example of a little goes a long way iphone 4 waterproof case.


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